Better education today, for a better tomorrow

Today’s modern era has a basic need of proper education. Delhi city is one of the fastest growing regions of India that is also the education harbor of the country. Many prestigious and eminent institutes are located here. The nursery schools are the initial level education institute which help a young toddler to get used to the academic environment and understand the basic level education. A to Z Public School is a renowned institute that is known for its age old experience in providing quality education to the students. This school provides education from the play group till the kg level. The students coming here are provided with a home like symbiotic environment so that they could feel comfortable and could enjoy their learning experience.

This institute is located close to the residential area, so it’s easy access for young children and for the future students of the school does not provide for easy transportation. In addition, this institution has a modern security system to ensure the safety of students and school related property. Lush green trees around the school keeps it free of contamination and provides a fresh environment for students. This school was founded on a large plot of land and was smartly designed with the concept of the kindergarten. Physical address of the Institute is as follows, 27 / A, 1 and 3, Pocket-on, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi, New Delhi. This co-operation of the institution and is proud to be one of the modern educational institutions that provide modern education for young children.

The school offers a spacious and well-furnished classrooms for students. Rooms are air conditioned and have a good teacher to student ratio. This school is aimed at providing a strong academic foundation for their children t successful career. This institution has adopted a new era of learning tools and technology to make the learning process is hassle free and inspiring. Students are introduced to the different types of school-related activities so that they can stay in step with the world level changes and events. Students are provided with a comprehensive curriculum that would focus on all-round development of students.